Redevelopment of Bohnice housing estate

2009 – Prague

Bohnice is a housing estate located 3,5 km far from the center of Prague. Its present day architecture is made of hundreds of panel houses and of never ending public wastelands. The position of Bohnice, right on the edge of a hill overlooking all the city of Prague, exposes its high rise buildings to the direct view to and from centre.
Given the short lifespan of panel housing, this experiments, far from being a simple critic of the modernist approach has a whole, wanted to investigate the possibility of redesigning a part of it, using mainly low rise buildings, increasing the number of dwellings and their floor area, taking a special care in the design of the public spaces.The result proved to be successful, demonstrating that a low rise solution could be preferable under many aspects to the current one.

In addition to the masterplan, it has been provided a detailed design for its main building, a multifunctional residential complex.